Frank Janssens

Abstract painter.

Color is the keyboard and the Artist is the hand that plays, Causing vibrations in the Soul.

Each painting represents an Energy Flow that transcribes itself with its vibrations into the colors on the canvas.
'Energy is eternal delight.' (William Blake)

From early childhood, I have always been attracted to draw and paint. Creativity is a big part of my Life. After exploring different styles and textures, I have found an intense passion in abstract acrylic painting.


Everything is Energy, and Everything is One. Through each of my abstract paintings flows an eternal Energy that transcribes its unique vibrations.

Upcoming exhibitions

09 Oktober '21 - 17 Oktober '21

Kunst In De Wijk

Een Kunstwandeling doorheen de Tentoonstellingswijk, te 2020 Antwerpen.

01 March - 31 March '22

Nobody & Friends

During the entire month of March 2022 I will have an exhibition in the Art Gallery of Martine Cuyvers, Nobody & Friends, Antwerp, Belgium.

There is no Abstract Art. You must always start with something. Afterwards you can remove all traces of reality.

Pablo Picasso


Latest artwork

Here you can find a selection of my latest artwork. You can access the shop to find out more. Also feel free to contact me for more information or custom made artwork.
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